European Society for Isotope Research

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest organ of the Society and holds its regular meeting at the ESIR Workshops. The General Assembly exclusively makes decisions on any change in the Statutes and By-laws. Proposals for changes should be sent to the president of the Advisory Board.

At the last Isotope Workshop held in Baile Govora (Romania) from 25 to 29 June, 2017, the new Advisory Board and the Revision Committee for the period 2017-2019 was elected.

Advisory Board

Andrzej Pelc  - ESIR President (Lublin, POLAND)

Ana-Voica Bojar  - ESIR Vice President (Graz, AUSTRIA)

Artur Wójtowicz  - ESIR Secretary (Lublin, POLAND)

Roxana Elena Ionete  (Râmnicu Vâlcea, ROMANIA)

Nada Horvatinčić  (Zagreb, CROATIA)

Marion Tichomirowa  (Freiberg, GERMANY)

Istvan Fórizs (Budapest, HUNGARY)

Adriana Trojanowska-Olichwer (Wrocław, POLAND)

Biljana Marosanovic (Bečej, SERBIA)

Mariusz-Orion Jędrysek (Wrocław, POLAND)

Sonja Lojen (Ljubljana, SLOVENIA)

Gerhard Strauch (Leipzig, GERMANY)

Revision Committee

Polona Vreča - Presidend of Committee (Ljubljana, SLOVENIA)

Diana Costinel  (Râminicu Vâlcea, ROMANIA)

Dariusz Strapoc  (Paris, FRANCE)

For details see the Statute of ESIR